How long does it takes to have my item?

It depends on if the item is ordered in the weekend.
But normally it takes around 2 weeks.

If you order your item outside the Netherlands it takes longer.

Do I have to pay more for shipping costs?

The prices are inclusive the shipping costs.
If you order from outside the Netherlands the price will be a little more.

Is it possible to get a different colour item?

We present the colours that we have, but if you would like a different colour that is not in our collection than you can always mail us and we can figure something out

For the shirts do you only have these models?

For the shirts we have male and female models but the normal standart models.
If you like an off shoulder top than we can customize the items on how you like but there will be extra costs attached.
The hoodies are unisex.

How should I treat my Chrystal wear?

Instructions for your Chrystal wear.

She doesn’t like to be washed very hot cause she is spicy already.
Oh and wash her inside out cause It’s the inside that counts.
If you like to Iron her do that also inside out cause hot love comes from within.
And let her air dry cause Chrystal loves a breeze.

Have fun and shine bright like a Chrystal


If you have another questions

Please feel free to dm me!

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